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School Safety

Student and staff safety is a fundamental priority at MSDWC. We know that students learn best when they feel safe, and families deserve the comfort of knowing their child will be safe while in school. 

Reporting Safety Concerns

SpeakUp for Safety Tipline

SpeakUp for Safety is a system utilized throughout the district that allows students to easily report safety concerns such as:

  • Bullying
  • Peers in crisis
  • Threats of violence
  • Weapons in school
  • Other safety situations
  • Suspicious Activity
  • Smoking/Vaping
  • Drug use
  • Vandalism

To place a safety tip, email or call:

Learn More about SpeakUp for Safety

How We Keep Our Schools Safe

School Resource Officers

MSD of Wabash County shares a partnership with the Wabash County Sheriff's Department to provide full-time school resource officers. Our SROs are WCSD deputies with sworn law enforcement authority who are trained in school-based policing and crisis response. They are certified by the National Association of School Resource Officers, as they follow the triad concept of school-based policing: law enforcement officer, counselor and educator. 

Eric Kirtlan

Eric Kirtlan

Deputy - School Resource Officer
Northfield Jr/Sr High, Metro North Elementary, Sharp Creek Elementary
Grant Langebartels

Grant Langebartels

Deputy - School Resource Officer
Southwood Jr/Sr High, Southwood Elementary, White's Jr/Sr High