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Tax Calculator

How to Use the Calculator

How to find your Taxable Assessment value:

1. Visit the Wabash County Assessor's website and look for your Real Estate Property information.

2. Find your property by searching address, name, or parcel number.

3. Refer to your most recent "Tax Calculation for: 2021 pay 2022" and identify the Taxable Assessment.

Tax Calculator

Why We Need Your Support

As we prepared to request your support in this project, decisions were carefully made to only ask for the amount needed in supporting our students, teachers, staff and our community's schools. 

Did you know that Indiana public schools receive no funds from the state towards building maintenance, improvements, or new construction? It is up to the local taxpayers to provide our community's students with learning environments, which are essential to their development.

Since 2010, state funding to our schools has been reduced by $6,850,170. We have worked hard to reduce costs and do more with less. These cost saving initiatives have included condensed bus routes, right-sized staffing, applying for multiple grants, and maintenance updates for efficiency such as LED lighting, HVAC systems, and reducing wastewater treatment.

Comparative Current Tax Rates

Chart comparing 2022 tax rates of MSDWC, Peru, Oak Hill, Wabash City

These neighboring school districts have recently invested funds to update and expand their facilities as well. MSD of Wabash County's strong assessed valuation allows us to operate with a relatively low tax rate. Even with the increase to our tax rate (projected to be around $1.34 in 2024), we will still be lower, if not comparable to other districts in our area.


Tax Presentation

Stifel Financial has assisted our district through the process of determining the tax impact of this project. They have provided a thorough presentation for our community's further understanding.

View Tax Impact Presentation

For More Information

We want to provide our voting community with answers to their questions. Please let us know if you have further questions or would like more information.

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