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About the Project

This page will be continually updated as new information becomes available, so be sure to check back or follow us on Facebook to be notified of new content. 

A Look at the New School

These renderings of the new high school are a starting point for what it could look like. If the referendum is passed, a more extensive planning process would occur. Discussions would involve crafting the aesthetic of the building to match our community values, along with the number of students in each space, the equipment and space they need for their tasks, and the relationship of each space to another. This would drive the development of a design that is more informed and therefore more functional and efficient. 

Project Presentation

This presentation explains the background and need for the proposed project. As you navigate through the slides, be sure to "Click to listen" to hear an MSDWC administrator explain each area.

Community Communication

Check out these past board meetings and work sessions with content on the proposed building project.

Referendum Playlist

For More Information

We want to provide our voting community with answers to their questions. Please let us know if you have further questions or would like more information.

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