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Mike Keaffaber

Mike Keaffaber


Dear Metropolitan School District of Wabash County parents, guardians, staff, and students,

My name is Mike Keaffaber and I am honored and privileged to be your superintendent. We have a great school district and our staff strives to inspire a community of learners to discover and achieve their passion and potential!  I would like to take just a few moments to introduce my family and share my philosophy of education and life in general.

For my entire life, Wabash County has been home. I graduated from Southwood Jr./Sr. High School and was privileged to have my dad (hero) as my teacher/band director before his unexpected passing in 1987.  I graduated from Marion College (IWU now) with an elementary education major. After college, I spent 23 years at Oak Hill United School Corporation as an elementary teacher for ten years and then a principal for thirteen years - four in an elementary and nine at the junior high.  I transitioned to MSD of Wabash County being the principal at White’s Jr./Sr. High School and then the principal at Northfield Jr./Sr. High School.  I became the Assistant Superintendent of Finance along with the titles of Director of Transportation and Director of Food Service for one year before becoming the superintendent.  This is my seventh year as superintendent and fifteenth year at MSD of Wabash County.

My wonderful wife of 37 years is the former Susan Schenkel, Northfield Salutatorian alumna, and presently a kindergarten teacher.  She is talented in many areas and is also the organist at our church.  We have two adult children.  

I trust you will find me very approachable and have somewhat of a simplistic philosophy of life and education: Work Hard and Be Nice which was instilled in me by my dad. There is much that goes into this philosophy, but it is one that can make anyone successful! 

Finally, I am excited about the opportunity in 2022-2023 to work with the students, staff, parents, and community at MSD of Wabash County!

Mike KeaffaberSuperintendent
MSD of Wabash County