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Photo of Madison Hall with three elementary students

MSD of Wabash County offers its high school students the opportunity to intern with a variety of local businesses and institutions in order for them to receive experience in the career they wish to pursue. The internship program also allows students to get a taste of their desired field so that they are able to determine whether or not they are suited for that path. Seniors from Southwood and Northfield are currently representing their schools in a variety of internships.

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Photos of Randy Boone and Mara Zolman wearing their letterman jackets

Since 1865, the letterman jacket has become an iconic symbol of traditional high school. Originally exclusive to athletes, the letterman has since flourished into an homage to many groups, clubs, activities, and achievements beyond simply athletics.

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Text reading “How to Cook a Turkey” and a photo of a girl holding a fork

Dear Cook,

Not sure where to start this Thanksgiving? Take a look through our “How To” recipe book which provides 20 unique ways to cook a turkey! We hope you can find one that suits your family just right! Enjoy, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Mrs. Stith’s Clas

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Snowman made of recycled metal made by Layne Denton and photo of Malia Mahan with her artwork of a home in winter.

Every year, the Honeywell Center gives students the opportunity to participate in their Winter Banner Competition. Students are asked to create an artwork based on that year’s theme to then be reviewed by a panel of judges for consideration for the prize of a banner.

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