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Winter Banner Competition

Winter Banner Competition

By Emma Adams, Communications Student Intern

Every year, the Honeywell Center gives students the opportunity to participate in their Winter Banner Competition. Students are asked to create an artwork based on that year’s theme to then be reviewed by a panel of judges. After judging, all participating students are invited to attend an award ceremony in which they receive verbal recognition for their submission and are awarded a ribbon, regardless of whether they have won a banner. Winning students’ artworks are printed onto banners and hung on lamp posts outside of the Honeywell Center for the duration of the winter season. Once taken down in the spring, the banners are given to the students to keep. Every school is guaranteed at least one winner and banner winners are selected by grade and artistic talent.

This competition is a wonderful opportunity that motivates students to pursue the arts by giving them a goal to strive toward and a tangible reward. By fostering a healthy interest in and passion for the arts, the Honeywell Center Winter Banner Competition prepares the next generation of artists for future creative endeavors and potential careers. With an ever increasing shift toward visual material in media, marketing, and storytelling, artists of all varieties are always in demand to create attention grabbing artwork. Most career paths are adapting to suit a visual oriented culture that has developed, opening many opportunities for prospective artists. Additionally, the arts aid in other fields of study because they help artists to develop creative, out of the box thinking that can then be applied to any career path.

The theme for this year’s 20th annual Wabash County Winter Banner Competition was “Winter is the time for…” The students representing MSD were as follows:

Metro North Elementary:

Raeleigh Carter (K), Chloe Davis (K), William Faust (K), Bristol France (K), Charlie DeLong (1st), Aryiah Lawson (1st), Layla Martin (1st), Kendall Merrick (1st), Annabelle Handrich (2nd), Harper Renbarger (2nd), Millie Siders (2nd), and Eliza Vawter (2nd).

Sharp Creek Elementary:

Anna Dubois (3rd), Gage Honeycutt (3rd), Ava Mills (3rd), Brynley Rice (3rd), Isaac Davis (4th), Audrey Hawkens (4th), Sadie King (4th), Adler Zwiebel (4th), Braxton Chamberlain (5th), Easton Haupert (5th), Zoie Lyons (5th), Rylan Nichols (5th), Andrew Biehl (6th), Eona Black (6th), Trentin Nelson (6th), and Jaymes Slone (6th).

Northfield Jr/Sr High School:

Lilyana Hartzler (7th), Cowden Norris (7th), Liam Perez (7th), Izabella Schultz (7th), Emerson Zwiebel (7th), Ali Copeland (8th), Montgomery Dawes (8th), Jazmine Gill (8th), Eve Grimm (8th), Kaleigh Rice (8th), Keeshia Dacuba (9th), Emme Hanes (9th), Saige Martin (9th), Zoey Music (9th), Chloie Youngblood (9th), Kaelynne Emley (10th), Riley Morrisett (10th), Kenzie Mucker (10th), Jace Phillips (10th), Ryder Schram (10th), Emma Bone (11th), Hank Gray (11th), Addy Kinsey (11th), Emma Warnock (11th), Isaiah Beall (12th), Konner Carpenter (12th), Lyne Denton (12th), Atziry Lara-Menchaca (12th), and John Nesler (12th).

Southwood Elementary:

Wrenley Blocker (PK), Sairyn Hughes (PK), Faye Lawson (K), Elliana Baldwin (K), Cici Hipp (K), Liberty Phillipy (K), Emberlyn Sears (K), Baylor Blocher (1st), Paisley Hensley (1st), Ellie Miller (1st), Avery Nelson (1st), Madelyn York (1st), Avery Cordle (2nd), Avery Eakright (2nd), Aliyah Johnson (2nd), Braya Langebartels (2nd), Samantha Mora-Calcaneo (2nd), Abel Bailey (3rd), Brody Bowman (3rd), Irelyn Duecker (3rd), Ava Williner (3rd), Adalena Pattee (3rd), Nolan Achor (4th), Leila Dyson (4th), Zoey Eckman (4th), Kaydee Herring (4th), Savannah Thomas (4th), Julia Benbow (5th), Khloe Denney (5th), Rori Derck (5th), Natalie Hileman (5th), and Emmy Marshall (5th).

Southwood Jr/Sr High School:

Charis Chellis (6th), Lilian Conliff (6th), Makynlea Elzy (6th), Atalie Pulley (6th), Logan Combs (7th), Heaven Cunningham (7th), Gracelynn Ebert (7th), Mackenzie Wilson (7th), Kaley Denney (8th), Helen Flores (8th), Poncho Lopez (8th), Blayke Smith (8th), Ella Smith (8th), Cameron Drown (9th), Katelyn Johnson (9th), Kennedy Jones (9th), Allyson Staggs (9th), Reagan Striker (9th), Colleen Boardman (10th), Malia Mahan (10th), Donald White (10th), Cherish Dillon (11th), Rowan Goodpasture (11th), Morgan Powell (11th), Ryley Wilcox (11th), Emma Adams (12th), Ashley Benavidez (12th), and Ryan Deeter (12th).

Among these students, the following students earned banners: 

Chloe Davis, Lyla Martin, Eliza Vawter, Trentin Nelson, Adler Zwiebel, Anna Dubois, Easton Haupert, Emerson Zwiebel, Emma Bone, Layne Denton, Zoey Eckman, Wrenley Blocker, Avery Cordle, Malia Mahan, and Emma Adams.