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Northfield Students Create Historical Tour Business

Northfield students Keaton Stout, Clay Herring, and Ben Kissel first started looking into an entrepreneurship idea/program in Mr. Ryan Sincroft’s English class. Mr. Sincroft gave them the opportunity to participate in the program as an alternative to another project in his English class. Keaton, Clay, and Ben got to work brainstorming an idea. They soon decided on a Historical Walking Tour in Wabash. They later asked if Ethan Galbraith would join, to which he happily obliged.

Initially, the idea of a walking tour stemmed from their mutual interest in history, especially in the locality, but it has grown to be so much more than that. They immediately recognized the opportunity, not only to educate and entertain the inhabitants of Wabash, and hopefully, its visitors, but also to partner with other small businesses and be a real benefit to the local economy. Tourism brings people and people bring money.

These students hope to not only provide an experience well worth the price of admission but also to make a difference in our community and help grow this town they’ve grown to love. Thanks, Ethan, Keaton, Clay, and Ben for your work on creating Arklight Historical Tours. Thank you also to Mr. Sincroft and Mr. Bahney for their willingness to support these students with time and advice in this entrepreneurial idea.