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MSD of Wabash County Awarded Exclusive AI Grant

MSD of Wabash County Awarded Exclusive AI Grant

MSD of Wabash County was recently named as one of only 36 schools in the state to be awarded the AI-Powered Platform Pilot Grant. This exclusive grant will allow the district to partner with artificial intelligence (AI) vendors to support learning initiatives.

The grant will specifically give White’s Jr/Sr High School $35,864. The school plans to use the funds on an AI platform called Khanmigo, which will provide tutoring support in mathematics to students at White's and in the Bridge online credit recovery program.

MSDWC Chief Academic Officer, Mr. Tim Drake, stated, “I am excited about the transformative power of education. Winning this competitive grant to pilot the AI software, Khanmigo, which provides AI teaching assistants for both our students and teachers, reflects our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in teaching. This groundbreaking technology will not only open new doors of learning but also empower our dedicated educators with cutting-edge tools.”

Drake explained that Khanmigo offers a multitude of advantages for students. It provides personalized tutoring, tailoring lessons to individual learning styles and pacing. 

As an example, he explained it can adapt math exercises to match a student's skill level, ensuring a customized learning experience. Additionally, Khanmigo offers students immediate feedback, proactively addressing areas in need of improvement.

“For our teachers, Khanmigo is a valuable resource, saving time on administrative tasks by automating grading and assessment. It also assists in curriculum planning by analyzing student performance data, enabling educators to refine their teaching strategies effectively. Additionally, Khanmigo fosters collaboration among teachers, facilitating the sharing of best practices and lesson plans within our district.” 

Drake continued, “This initiative reminds us that by dreaming big and working hard, we can prepare our students for a future where AI, exemplified by Khanmigo, plays a pivotal role in various careers and aspects of life. This initiative could have a tremendous impact on our students, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate the AI-driven world.”

MSDWC is excited to continue advancing the learning opportunities for all its students through technology and other advancements.