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MSDWC High Schools Lead Area Graduation Rates

MSDWC High Schools Lead Area Graduation Rates

MSD of Wabash County is proud to announce that for the fifth year in a row their traditional high schools, Northfield and Southwood, lead Wabash County’s graduation rates. Northfield Jr/Sr High School leads the county at 95.65% with Southwood Jr/Sr High School closely behind at 94.44%. 

This level of graduation success is not by accident. Individual student success is a paramount priority for all MSDWC schools and programs. Teachers and administrators work hard to ensure every student is given the opportunities they need to succeed.

When looking at the district’s overall rates, it is important to note that White’s Jr/Sr High School is included as well. Students placed at White’s Jr/Sr High come from all over the state of Indiana and have only a six-month average stay. Students in the online-based Bridge program are also enrolled as White’s School students and come from all over the state of Indiana. Most students enroll with an insufficient number of credits and only stay a short amount of time, which creates a challenge in having a comparable graduation rate to traditional schools like Northfield and Southwood.

MSD of Wabash County will continue striving to help all students graduate as they seek to "inspire a community of learners to discover and achieve their passion and potential”.