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Title I

What is Title I?

Title I is a program federally funded program designed to help qualified students improve their reading and/or math skills. All of the Title I Staff meet the No Child Left Behind requirements and have met the standard of "highly qualified."

The Title I staff works closely with the classroom teachers to determine the student's individual needs. Support/tutoring given in Title I is supplemental to what the student receives in the classroom. The student is tutored either individually or in a small group. Students are selected to receive assistance based on their classroom performance, teacher recommendations, and diagnostic surveys.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • To enable the child to achieve his/her potential in basic and advanced reading and math skills
  • To provide a non-threatening, consistent, learning environment that is conducive to building a student's self-concept.

Parental Involvement

In recognition that the parent is the first and most important teacher, and that the parent’s continued involvement is essential for the success of the child, we are committed to building a strong parent-school partnership, the following practices/policies are designed.

  1. Parents will be invited to assist with the design and development of the Title I plan and the corporation representatives will assist with the coordination of district wide parent activities.
  2. A district-wide Title I web page will be available for parents. This will include information concerning the Parent Involvement Plan, Program Goals and Objectives, and Highly Qualified Status. Educational training tips will be provided.
  3. Annually, parents will receive copies of the appropriate grade level Indiana Academic Standards; a link to these are also on the District Title I webpage.
  4. Annually, parents will be introduced to Title I program services for students.  The Title I staff will be available to talk with parents and answer any questions they might have.
  5. There will be a link to the Indiana Academic standards on the district web page.
  6. To increase the parent’s effectiveness in working with their children at home and to understand the Title I program requirements, support will be given through ongoing communication, training, and services.
  7. Title I Staff and classroom teachers will receive information and training on how to work with parents particularly guidance on conducting successful parent teacher conferences.
  8. Parents of participating students are asked to evaluate the effectiveness of the Title I Program and to assess the needs of the program. Their input will be taken into consideration during the program planning, design, and implementation.
  9. As appropriate, services of outside agencies are coordinated to assist in promoting student academic achievement and school performance.

Keys to Reading Success

  • Make reading together enjoyable
  • Consider the reader's interests, experiences, and reading level
  • Introduce the book in a relaxed conversation
  • Encourage the reader with specific praise
  • Help the reader maintain the meaning of the story
  • Read together on a consistent basis