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The MSDWC Journey

From preschool through high school, we believe in training our students to DREAM BIG and WORK HARD. We are passionate about crafting each stage of education to prepare students towards a successful and fulfilling future. 


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Working Together

A student's education and development is a team effort. MSDWC values the place of the family in a student's journey, and we believe in partnering with parents to discover the best path to success for each student. 

Online Credit Recovery

Bridge is a program that aims to assist in the academic, social, and emotional growth of students across Indiana who have experienced hardships, overcome adversity, or made mistakes that have impeded their success in a traditional school setting.


MSDWC offers two of the best preschool programs in the area, all while being one of the most cost-efficient! Children who will be ages 3 or 4 by August 1st of the school year are welcome to register.

Preparing for the Future

Hands-on professional and vocational education is a central theme to an MSDWC education. We believe is providing our graduates with experiences that will help guide their future.


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Photo of Madison Hall with three elementary students

MSD of Wabash County offers its high school students the opportunity to intern with a variety of local businesses and institutions in order for them to receive experience in the career they wish to pursue. The internship program also allows students to get a taste of their desired field so that they are able to determine whether or not they are suited for that path. Seniors from Southwood and Northfield are currently representing their schools in a variety of internships.

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